Partnership with Wealth Grid Studio Venture

Digital investors is honored to sign a new partnership agreement with Wealth Grid Studio Venture, an Egyptian company with years of expertise in professional development from several business fields perspectives. This collaboration is a great opportunity for supporting F&B and franchise businesses in exploring the possible ways of expanding and scaling to new markets under the umbrella of Corporate Management & Investment Strategies..
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Our services are way beyond consultation, it is a journey that full of creativity, innovation, scaling, design, leadership and more.

  • Full and deep respect to the business code of ethics and confidentiality protection.
  • Constant Support through our consultation services and networking activities.
  • Leveraging your skills through our implicit knowledge transferring meetings.
  • High level of professionalism by following the International standards and regulations.
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We provide wide range of services and innovation programs to assist companies to drive their strategies and boost their vision.


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Recave Healthcare is focusing on Egyptian Patients need at home. patient difficulty can find a trusted nurse to give them an injection, IVF, Wound Caring or inserting the invasive tubes like urinary catheter or Ryle tube.
also we care for geriatrics at their homes, as many people don't like to put their relative in Elderly Homes.
we are fully focused on our customers pain, so we provide a high professional services covers their needs.


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